Dark Hours Speedrun Builds


Our current setup for bosses 2 and 3 include a lot of Regulus Pistol builds. It is very important that Headshot Damage is prioritised within these builds because of how the Achilles Pulse works, CHC and CHD are next to irrelevant for maximum damage on these bosses.

Why? The basic damage calculation makes HSD & CHD additive to each other, e.g. they are added together in that unique part of the calculation. By now you are agreeing saying you know this, and that CHD will give you more damage – which is correct, if your shot is a crit which isn’t guaranteed. Our setup guarantees headshots for 2 bosses.

How Achilles works; marks the targets with ‘zones’ (yellow hit boxes). Tier 1&2 is 1 zone, tier 3-5 is 2 zones, tier 6 is 3 zones, and overcharge is a huge 6 zones. The one bullet that hits any ‘zone’ will automatically be multiplied by headshot damage. Yes you read that correctly, it doesn’t double headshot damage, it calculates the value then multiplies the final outcome by headshot damage…..

One way to think of it is there are 2 calculations in play; The original calculation that determines the damage of one bullet [Calc1] and the Achilles Multiplyer [Calc2]. Gunslingers holster guarantees a headshot in Calc1 with a pistol no matter where you shoot the enemy. The Nemesis has to hit the targets head for HSD to be included in Calc1. If the bullet hits a targeted zone, it is then multiplied again by your headshot damage in Calc2.

In practise; Crit Nemesis MMR build (50% CHC, 175% CHD and 175% HSD) vs Headshot Nemesis MMR build (25.5% CHC, 74% CHD and 316% HSD) Both builds will have the same setup but different stats; 3 aces, 2 airaldi and foxes knees, fully charged nemesis and perfect focus.

  Bodyshot Bodyshot Achilles Headshot Headshot Achilles
Crit build & crit shot 13,173,000 23,052,957 21,556,012 37,723,021
Headshot build & non crit shot 4,790,000 15,136,400 19,900,000 62,844,000

As you can see, Crit Damage in this instance looks good on paper until Calc2 is applied when Headshot damage becomes a multiplyer again. A Crit build headshot with 175% HSD will lose out on nearly 25m damage compared to a Headshot build with a non crit shot.

List of Builds

Regulus Pistol Build

Gear SetupMask: ‘Punch Drunk’
Chest: ‘The Sacrifice’
Holster: Dodge City Gunslingers’s Holster
Backpack: ‘The Gift’
Gloves: ‘Contractors Gloves’
Kneepads: ‘Foxes Prayers’
Talents: Chest: Perfect Glass Cannon, Backpack: Perfect Vigilance
AttributesWeapon Damage x6. Headshot Damage > Crit Chance & Crit Damage
Gear Mods: 3x Headshot Damage
WeaponsSidearm: Regulus
Others: n/a
& Skills
Dependent on Role in team
Dependent upon role in team
NotesHeadshot damage should be stacked as high as possible (225%+).

Nemesis (Dogs)

Gear SetupMask, Gloves, Holster: Aces & 8’s
Chest: ‘Pristine Example’
Backpack: Airaldi
Kneepads: ‘Foxes Prayers’
Talents: Chest: Perfect Focus, Backpack: Vigilance
AttributesWeapon Damage x6 / Headshot Damage
Gear Mods: 3x Headshot Damage
WeaponsPrimary: Nemesis
Secondary: n/a
Sidearm: n/a
& Skills
Dependent upon role in team
NotesHeadshot damage should be stacked as high as possible (300%+).

FI Buff Build (Buddy)

Gear SetupMask, Chest, Holster, Kneepads: Future Initiative
Gloves: BTSU
Backpack: Wyvern/Hana-u. Talent is more important with Skill Tier.
Talents: Chest: Future Initiative, Backpack: Opportunistic
AttributesSkill Tier x6 / n/a
Gear Mods: n/a
WeaponsPrimary: Scorpio
Secondary: n/a
Sidearm: n/a
& Skills
Revive Hive /
NotesBTSU overcharge on the 3rd siren. Mark Buddy with 7 Scorpio shots as soon as possible (the 6th should put shock status effect on)

Buff Build (Lucy)

Gear SetupBuild could mirror image a pistol build incase another shot is needed, but the talents are more important here.
Talents: Chest: Overwatch or Perfect Overwatch, Backpack: Opportunistic
AttributesMirror the pistol build
WeaponsPrimary: Scorpoio
Secondary: n/a
Sidearm: D50 incase a further pistol shot is required.
& Skills
NotesPlayer stays near the middle box at Lucy, Marking lucy with the scorpio as quickly as possible (7 shots). Mirror the pistol build.