Operation Dark Hours

Basic introduction

Operation Darkhours involves 4 boss fights across an airport. Each boss has a unique way of defeating them (mechanics) but ultimately, doing high DPS is key for this raid. 

There are now no overdamage mechanics on the raid, therefore it is essential to follow the intended mechanics

1: Boomer

  • Boomer will automatically regenerate health/armor. To combat this, there is a red box on his chest. When you shoot it, you normally take aggro, therefore its normally the person kyting him that shoots it. When it is about to come back on, Boomer normally shouts to tell everyone
    1. no light – unable to heal himself
    2. amber light – ability to heal himself is nearly ready
    3. green light – boomer will heal himself.
  • Boomer can only be downed from the turret (door 41 or 45) shooting his weakpoint (backpack.)
  • When downed, Boomer can be damaged, he will only stand once 2 bars of damage are completed, or after around 6-7 seconds.
  • The turret that put him down is normally emp’d so Boomer is ‘kyted’ around to the next gun.
  • Whilst this is happening, an alarm can sound for laptops – 4 screens outside of the middle will tell you what laptop is to be pressed. If the people in the middle dont press it quickly, or press the wrong laptop then the defense nodes reappear and need cleared again.
  • When the nodes are up, all NPC’s in the radius of the node are immune.
  • After 4m30 Boomer will destroy one turret. After 9m in total, Boomer will destroy the 2nd turret and the encounter is over.

2: Weasel // Ricochet & Dizzy

Teams are split into 2 to take on Dizzy (A) and Ricochet (B). There are gas phases involved. Purple gas gives a debuff (players dont do much damage) which always starts on A. Orange gas gives a buff (players do more damage) which always starts on B.

  • The gases can be cycled by both sides pressing a laptop at the same time referred to as front/middle/back (based on the plane).
  • Gas is cycled at around 12 seconds.
  • When the timer gets to 20, the purple gas starts attacking health, and the orange gas causes confusion to the player making it harder to move.
  • When the first boss of Dizzy/Ricochet is killed, the middle of the plane lifts and Weasel comes out on the side that a boss remains. At this stage the gas will automatically cycle and in an orange phase its a DPS race. Normally if Weasel appears on your side, run to the opposite side.

3: Buddy & Lucy

There is a 6m30 timer before the encounter automatically fails.

  • Every so often the dogs will kneel. Lucy starts spinning and shooting an automatic 50cal turret – one shot kills, even if you are shooting from cover. Buddy drops seeker mines to knock people out of cover and emits clouds of hazardous gas.
  • Once they stand Buddy automatically starts to heal.
  • The dogs have health bars which must be kept close to each other. If the health goes too far apart, the dogs run to the middle and start to heal (overcharge/massive overcharge).
    • If there is a massive overcharge, the dogs become even more aggressive – and the overcharge can only be removed by pressing the laptop linked to the dog.

4: Razorback

The final boss. The encounter begins by clearing a few ads on the tarmac. Once cleared nothing else will happen until a player steps in a generator circle. This starts a 90 second cycle of a chungus appearing whose sole purpose is to activate a SAM site which will be an instant wipe and restart of the encounter.

  • All 4 generators must have a player enter at the same time and stay on them until the circles go green at 100% – players must only leave circle when it disappears.
  • At 100% the vents need shot out on front (1+4) and back (2+3). This is normally one shot with a crossbow, but can be shot out with normal weapons instead, it just takes longer. Once the vent is destroyed then a grenade launcher needs fired in, or a concussioin grenade thrown in as the vent will be flashinig red. If done correctly the vent will turn green. Both front & back need done the same way – once both are green, the circles will disappear and razorback will extend.
  • Upon extension, there are panels on the back, and wings on the front that need destroyed. The team must know what order to do damage to Razor: front/front/back/back, front/back/front/back. The front has wings. Destroy both wings and a circuit opens to do damage to Razorback. When it is front, normally all 4 on the front will be firing at razorback as well the two gens at the back. The ADS on the other side ‘prep’ the weakpoints. This will close after a specified time or when 50% of the front damage is done (which will be 25% overall). This process is repeated until all over Razorbacks health is depleted.
    • after 90 seconds a chungus will attempt to press the button on the console to launch a wipe mechanic. When 50% of the damage is done overall, there will be double chungus in 2 different corners.
  • When Razor is defeated, teams of 2 rush back to their consoles, when the console starts flashing it must be destroyed to prevent an automatic wipe.