Ermi46: DPS Build

Author: Ermi46

  • 3 dmg-based named items: Pristine Example (perfect focus), Contractor’s Glove (dta), Fox’s Prayer (ooc)
  • Vigilance talent (perf vigilance just reduce the cooldown with 1s, so I don’t think its necessary)
  • Classic M1A with scope for perfect focus talent (this talent gives you the biggest multiplicative dmg (60%), and theres no disadvantage)
  • The other 3 item’s brand should give chc/chd (Providence, Grupo)
  • If possible max out the wd% and have as much chc/chd as possible (hs can work too) (for me: chc/chd/hs = 48%/153,1%/172,4%)
  • Sharpshooter spec for stability, hsd%, Digital Scope


  • Hold/push the left trigger as often as possible. If you reload and still hold the aim the buff won’t lose. If you get back to cover, and then aim in 1s, then you won’t lose the buff. Thats why I use shield, so I won’t lose the stack and vigilance when npcs shoot me)
  • Sometimes slower headshots worth it.
  • (“It’s easy: aim and pull the fucking trigger!” – Dolores Jones)
  • If someone uses Coyote’s Mask in the group, then ~50% chc is more than enough.


LMG: Same weapons, but with Obliterate talent, and Gunner spec. (with fast hands and Gunner reload talent you wont lose the stack)
Against health-based enemies: The Hollow Man, Providence gloves.