Damage Output (& Calculation)

Damage output explained

The game calculates damage output per bullet based on the formula below. This is only intended to help you understand how the damage is calculated.

Firstly the game calculates “Total Damage” which will be the minimum bullet damage for the weapon in question.

Total Damage = Base weapon Damage * (1+Weapon Damage+Weapon Type Damage+Weapon Damage Talents).

  • M1A Base damage is 205,400.
  • Weapon Damage (100% made up of 10% Keeners Watch, 90% from Main Attributes on gear)
  • Weapon Type Damage (40% made up of 15% on Rifle, 15% from specialisation allocation, 10% from Brand bonus)

205,400 * (1+100%+40%); or
205,400 *(1+1.4); or
205,400 * 2.4 = 492,960 (“Total Damage”)

Damage Output Formula

Total Damage
*(1+Total Weapon Damage Talents) [Vigilance]
*(1+Amplfied Talent 1)
*(1+Amplfied Talent 2)
*(1+Amplfied Talent 3)
*(1+Critical Hit Damage+Headshot Damage)
*(1+Damage to Armor+Damage to Health)
*(1+Damage out of Cover)