guffje / TU9.1: Hard Wired Seeker Build

Build information

  • Author: guffje
  • Title update: 9.1
  • Specialisation: Demolitionist
  • PvE – Endgame content (heroics/legendary)

About the build:

  • 4x hard wired (including backpack)
  • 1 China light, 1 wyvern. One of these must be chest with glass cannon

This build was created to utilise the hardwired short cooldown times, and damage buffs. For this build to work effectively, you will need to use the Hard Wired backpack with 3 other hardwired pieces (not the chest.) As seen in the screenshot above, “Short Circuit” decreases the feedback loop from 20s to 10s, which means spamming seekers every 10seconds.

The build in question has 1 piece Wyvern (10% skill damage), and 1 piece China Light (15% explosive damage) with Glass Cannon (skill damage and weapon damage amplified by 25%). Other variations can be used.

The build is 6x yellow main attributes, with all hard wired attributes being recalibrated for max skill damage. Ideally you want max skill damage on the 2 high end gear, with max status effects.

Sweet dreams is a must as you can melee red/purple npc’s once every 15seconds. You can also use spike on your primary weapon as it increases skill damage when you land a headshot.

How to use the build:

The most effective way to use this build is to stay in cover, and throw seekers. Once the seekers are on cooldown, and feedback loop procs, drop your hive to refresh seekers and deploy them. Pick the hive back up and repeat. If enemies get to close, drop the hive and potentially melee red or purple npc’s – alternatively it may give you time to retreat if required. 


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