Operation Iron Horse Hall of Fame

The following members were involved in a collective effort in week 1 to beat all 4 bosses;
astar0th, BowedGosling954, CJG591, DmanPoppet, DeFx, Ermi46, guffje, Gupples, IreBorderwolf, JFK4611, Keravu, p0k3yb, Ravioli, Royal fluery88, SCUD MAG, se73ma, SINISTER SLUGZ, skatejamie, SpArDa Sr, studog & SweAntiPesto.

The final boss was defeated in the first week on 4th July 2020.

Below is a list of SIN members who have completed Operation Iron Horse in a SIN-only clan run from start to finish in one session. Only the first completion with the clan is recorded.

A gold background indicates the players first ever completion.

SIN members to complete the raid: 33
1st time completions: 15
Fastest time: 42m 0.250s 19th November 2020

First Time NameDateTime
1CJG591July 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
2Ermi46July 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
3guffjeJuly 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
4SCUD MAGJuly 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
5SINISTER SLUGZJuly 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
First Time6astar0thJuly 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
First Time7GupplesJuly 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
First Time8p0k3ybJuly 6th 20202hr 54m 1.81s
9IreBorderwolfJuly 8th 20202hr 17m 55.965s
First Time10Royal fleury88July 8th 20202hr 17m 55.965s
First Time11saxophonist89July 11th 20202hr 55m 8.500s
First Time12Se73maJuly 11th 20202hr 55m 8.500s
13zer0July 14th 20201hr 12m 15.624s
14Ravioli5459July 14th 20201hr 12m 15.624s
First Time15JointWickJuly 17th 20202hr 24m 55.93s
First Time16Mouldybig manJuly 17th 20202hr 24m 55.93s
17SweAntiPestoJuly 30th 20201hr 20m 59.667s
First Time18DmanPoppetAugust 8th 20202hr 35m 47.351s
First Time19SplitAugust 8th 20202hr 35m 47.351s
20skatejamieAugust 12th 20201hr 56m 30.816s
21Batviper15August 13th 20203hr 1m 32.03s
22bl4ckwolf2002August 13th 20203hr 1m 32.03s
23Cole FrehlenAugust 20th 20201hr 33m 7.1s
24ToraToraTora27August 20th 20201hr 33m 7.1s
First Time25TRM HELLRAISERAugust 20th 20201hr 33m 7.1s
First Time26SpArDa SrSeptember 17th 20201hr 7m 5.50s
First Time27Jok3r F3yzSeptember 21st 20202hr 57.24s
First Time28Raven5288September 21st 20202hr 57.24s
29GRA5ER1October 8th 20202hr 6m 34.72s
30MissRose8186October 8th 20202hr 6m 34.72s
31x studog xOctober 8th 20202hr 6m 34.72s
32haruhiismftwOctober 21st 2020no time recorded
First Time33UNDERKECKERSOctober 22nd 20201hr 51m 18.770s