Fastest times on Legendary missions that includes Clan members only. No one from outside the clan can have been in the mission.

District Union

Position Time Players Date
130m 3.351sErmi46, guffje, ireBorderWolf, SINISTER SLUGZ17th May 2020
241m 57.649sastar0th, DmanPoppet, saxophonist89, SpArDa Sr25th May 2020
342m 24.764sBowedGosling954, Gupples, saxophonist89, Sikone8820th May 2020
443m 25.549sguffje, ireBorderwolf, Ravioli5459, SINISTER SLUGZ16th May 2020
548m 30sBowedGosling954, Gupples, saxophonist89, SpArDa Sr21st June 2020
649m 29.842sBowedGosling954, Gupples, saxophonist89, Se73ma17th May 2020
753m 25.797sguffje, Ravioli5459, thedoguk56, x studog x17th May 2020
855m 3.671sErmi46, guffje, SCUD MAG, SINISTER SLUGZ10th May 2020
959m 24sBowedGosling954, guffje, saxophonist89, SpArDa Sr18th June 2020
101hr 7m 44.756sastar0th, DmanPoppet, Sikone88, SINISTER SLUGZ22nd May 2020

Roosevelt Island

Position Time Players Date
130m 44.231sErmi45, guffje, ireBorderwolf, SINISTER SLUGZ17th May 2020
245m 51.605sguffje, ireBorderwolf, SINISTER SLUGZ, thedoguk5610th May 2020
347m 0.887sguffje, Sikone88, SINISTER SLUGZ, SweAntiPesto23rd May 2020
457m 2.89ssaxophonist89, Gupples, astar0th, BowedGosling95418th May 2020
51hr 28m 57.146sErmi46, guffje, SCUD MAG, SINISTER SLUGZ7th May 2020
62hr 06m 1sDmanPoppet, FootlongT0M, Royal fleury88, saxaphonist893rd June 2020

Capitol Hill

Position Time Players Date
139m 12.826sErmi46, SINISTER SLUGZ, ireBorderWolf, guffje17th May 2020
245m 31.575sastar0th, Sikone88, SINISTER SLUGZ, SweAntiPesto24th May 2020
350m 4.636ssaxophonist89, Gupples, astar0th, BowedGosling95418th May 2020
455m 44.126sthedoguk56, SINISTER SLUGZ, guffje, ireBorderWolf16th May 2020
51hr 00m 8sBowedGosling954, Gupples, saxophonist89, SpArDa Sr21st June 2020
61hr 5m 45sFootlongT0M, Ravioli5459, Royal fleury88, saxaphonist899th June 2020
71hr 8m 20sastar0th, Gupples, Ravioli5459, SpArDa Sr16th June 2020
81h 24m 02sBowedGosling954, Ravioli5459, saxophonist89, Gupples17th May 2020
91hr 56m 24.573sErmi46, SINISTER SLUGZ, SCUD MAG, guffje7th May 2020