Operation Darkhours Hall of Fame

Below is a list of SIN members who have completed Operation Darkhours from start to finish, with a full clan group of 8. Only the first completion with the clan is recorded.

A line through their name indicates the player is no longer in the clan.

A gold background indicates the players first ever completion.

Total players brought through raid: 57

Total 1st time completions: 36

Year 1 – up to 1st March 2020. Level 30

Name Date Time Taken
1.SINISTER SLUGZJuly 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
2.SyCo TeNdEnCiEsJuly 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
3.guffjeJuly 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
4.ICB HTOWNJuly 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
5.IreBorderWolfJuly 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
6.SCUD MAGJuly 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
7.WkdSoundsJuly 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
8.Zer0July 4th 20192hr 37m 33.127s
9.cooki2222July 10th 20191hr 25m 16.524s
10.MrPorkyJuly 14th 20191hr 25m 48.752s
11.Gear SetsJuly 14th 20191hr 25m 48.752s
12.Cannibal AnimalJuly 16th 20194hr 5m 40.403s
13.TFA VirusJuly 16th 20194hr 5m 40.403s
14.DmanPoppetJuly 17th 20191hr 46m 27.265s
15.BrownBearWes91August 6th 201939m 4.26s
16.Ermi46August 12th 201951m 54.980s
17.CTA BlackhawkAugust 12th 201951m 54.980s
18.CTA DarkwinterAugust 12th 201951m 54.980s
19.ItsLimskiAugust 13th 201952m 1.129s
20.Mr D FlameAugust 18th 2019no recorded time
21.ARN0NLAugust 24th 20191hr 11m 13.190s
22.thedogukAugust 26th 201931m 30.792s
23.Mouldybig manAugust 27th 201930m 1.67s
24.WorstSeptember 2nd 201956m 38.741s
25.GupplesSeptember 8th 2019no recorded time
26.tomhollo21September 8th 2019no recorded time
27.BoomSeptember 18th 2019no recorded time
28.studogSeptember 22nd 2019no recorded time
29.iVNLASeptember 22nd 2019no recorded time
30.SWEAntiPestoSeptember 24th 2019no recorded time
31.SpArDa SrSeptember 29th 201938m 52.829s
32.BuzzlimNovember 5th 2019no recorded time
33.Royal fleury88December 15th 201935m 2.728s
34.astar0thDecember 17th 201941m 11.228s
35.Gr8tR8drDecember 17th 201941m 11.228s
36.JFK4611December 22nd 201953m 23.19s
37.bullygodwv1January 2nd 202033m 43.371s
38.ItsByFate January 2nd 202051m 56.348s
39.UNDERKECKERSJanuary 5th 202033m 14.731s
40.haruhiismftwJanuary 5th 202033m 14.731s
41.Rakio (Paul 2k7)January 14th 202056m 18.422s
42.LT General DocFebruary 16th 202022m 12.670s
43.prendog1995February 16th 202032m 39.494s
44.MVP StaticFebruary 18th 202032m 32.220s
45.FootlongT0MFebruary 18th 202043m 5.998s
46.BowedGosling954February 25th 202037m 24.825s
47.FSociietyFebruary 29th 202033m 59.539s

Year 2 – 2nd March 2020 onwards. Level 40

Name Date Time Taken
1.SINISTER SLUGZMarch 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
2.guffjeMarch 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
3.Ermi46March 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
4.ICB HTOWNMarch 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
5.BrownBearWes91March 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
6.SCUD MAGMarch 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
7.SweAntiPestoMarch 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
8.FSociietyMarch 13th 20202hr 7m 19.462s
9.IREBorderWolfMarch 15th 202033m 41.419s
10.Royal fleury88 March 15th 202033m 41.419s
11.Gupples March 15th 202033m 41.419s
12.UNDERKECKERS March 16th 202045m
13.FootlongT0M March 16th 202045m
14.astar0th March 27th 20201hr 30m 50.208s
15.JFK4611 March 27th 20201hr 30m 50.208s
16.thedoguk56 April 12th 20202hr 32m 4.509s
17.BowedGosling April 14th 202057m 56.453s
18.studog April 14th 20202hr 41m 41.232s
19.Agent Joe4861 April 14th 20202hr 41m 41.232s
20.Don Cheevo X April 14th 20202hr 41m 41.232s
21.SpArDa Sr April 16th 20201hr 13m 0.962s
22.fudu backfire April 16th 20201hr 13m 0.962s
23.Ravioli April 16th 20201hr 45m 0.662s
24.DiiNaMiiCz x April 26th 202032m 21.655s
25.bullygodwv1 April 28th 20201hr 54m 3.281s
26.mdotdee90 April 28th 20201hr 54m 3.281s
27.Der Jonny Altaa April 30th 20201hr 40m 33.128s
28.Gr8tR8dr May 7th 20201hr 19m 33.714s
29.DmanPoppet May 9th 202053m 6.716s
30.Sikone88 May 14th 202042m 46.263s
31.saxophonist89 May 19th 20201hr 13m 5.709s
30.SW8RD May 22nd 20201hr 3m 48.76s

Fastest clan time

14m 8.128s – February 6th 2020

Year 1

29th fastest clan completion on Xbox at the time of completion.

BrownBearWes91, Royal fleury88, Gupples, SWEAntiPesto, Ermi46, guffje, SINISTER SLUGZ, ICB HTown.