Ironhorse Community Hall of Fame

A list of community agents who have completed Operation Iron Horse in a community only run from start to finish in one session. Only the first completion is recorded.

A gold background indicates the players first ever completion.

Community members to complete the raid: 40
1st time completions: 9
Ravenous earned: 10
Total community raids: 21
Fastest time: 54m 48.217s (September 25th 2020)

First Time NameClanDateTime
1astar0thSINAugust 21st 20202hr 6m 23.528s
2bl4ckwolf2002SINAugust 21st 20202hr 6m 23.528s
3CoGGNuTTKILAugust 21st 20202hr 6m 23.528s
4guffjeSINAugust 21st 20202hr 6m 23.528s
5Miss RoseKILAugust 21st 20202hr 6m 23.528s
6RavioliSINAugust 21st 20202hr 6m 23.528s
First Time7haruhiismftwSINAugust 21st 20202hr 6m 23.528s
8SINISTER SLUGZSINAugust 22nd 20201hr 13m 12.191s
9p0k3ybSINAugust 22nd 20201hr 13m 12.191s
10skatejamieSINAugust 22nd 20201hr 13m 12.191s
11walley99701KILAugust 22nd 20201hr 13m 12.191s
12GupplesSINAugust 22nd 20201hr 37m 5.389s
First Time13x studog xSINAugust 28th 20203hr 42m 35.19s
14DontDoADerpKILAugust 29th 20202hr 41m 11.54s
15adileahGSDSeptember 4th 20201hr 26m 53.570s
16darth whalerGSDSeptember 4th 20201hr 26m 53.570s
First Time17PretendLizard17GSDSeptember 4th 20201hr 26m 53.570s
18SuspectDecoyGSDSeptember 4th 20201hr 26m 53.570s
19JointWickSINSeptember 5th 20201hr 22m 43.522s
20SCUD MAGSINSeptember 5th 20201hr 22m 43.522s
21Se73maSINSeptember 5th 20201hr 22m 43.522s
22xSandman561xSINSeptember 5th 20201hr 22m 43.522s
23Ermi46SINSeptember 11th 20201hr 29m 49.75s
24LacrosseMike44GSDSeptember 12th 20203hr 6m 4.07s
25Totti75GSDSeptember 12th 20203hr 6m 4.07s
26Crixus808GSDSeptember 18th 20201hr 8m 22.802s
27OkayITzStevoGSDSeptember 18th 20201hr 8m 22.802s
First Time28Z3R0D3A7HSINSeptember 18th 20201hr 8m 22.802s
29gra5er1ACEOctober 2nd 20201hr 10m 50.908s
30fastest spoonGSDOctober 2nd 20201hr 16m 48.07s
31Ir0nSm0keGSDOctober 2nd 20201hr 16m 48.07s
First Time32Blacklight576RESOctober 9th 20201hr 2m 37.741s
33Raven5288SINOctober 16th 20201hr 47m 08.98s
First Time34iStanooRESOctober 23rd 20201hr 53m 45.66s
35KasunXGSDOctober 23rd 20201hr 53m 45.66s
First Time36KickAssTeen95RESOctober 23rd 20201hr 53m 45.66s
First Time37PerkyGem101RESOctober 24th 2020no time recorded
38CrasherSINNovember 7th 2020no time recorded
39SpArDa SrSINNovember 7th 2020no time recorded
First Time407MidgetsNSANovember 7th 2020no time recorded