Operation Iron Horse

Iron Horse/4th boss (Train), Mask (0:28), Regulus/Control room for 2nd boss? (0:35), Ravenous (0:43), 2nd boss (0:49)

What we know

  • Enemy faction: True Sons (→ weakpoints!)
  • Fire based weapons → specific builds need high hazard protection
  • New Gear sets: Foundry Bullwark (→ tank build), Future Initiative (→ healer, supporter)
  • Exotics: Ravenous (+dmg/bonus armor), Regulus (pistol with explosive headshots)
  • Boss abilities (leak, spoiler)
  • Audio files (leak, spoiler)
  • Early release: map, sneak peek
  • Commendations: 4xCombat (4 boss fight), 2xTactical (2 boss fight with condition), 1xDiscovery (collecting some stuff), 3xTeamwork (flawless, 2 boss fight with condition), 1xService (complete it x times (5))

How to prepare for that

Must have:

  • Exotics with high rolls: Nemesis (short high dmg), Merciless (explosive dmg, buffed in TU10!), Bullet King (long constant dmg)
  • Builds with “good” rolls (I prepared a dps and a tp tank build with high hazard protection)
  • SHD lvl 1000

Nice to have:

  • The Hollow Man (against health based enemies)
  • Coyote Mask with high rolls (1-2 in the raid group)
  • Tardigrade
  • Dodge+Liberty (for instant high dmg)
  • Healer, CC build
  • (2nd character with max specs for gear set/exotic drops, caches)

Current game mechanics

  • Damage buff/decrease (gas in raid’s 2nd encounter, GE polarity)
  • Damage only after weakpoint broke (Boomer, Lincoln boss – true son)
  • Waiting in circle (Razor, 1st season – Roosevelt mission)
  • EMP: disables all electronic equipment for a short time (Boomer towers, skills, dogs…)
  • Damage only after specific npcs died (Guardian)
  • Damage only with status effects (Kenly College – fire dmg only)
  • Button mechanics (1st, 2nd, 3rd encounter…) (need communication)

What we know from leaks

  • 1st encounter: Boss “spawning”/creating enemies with shield (3) and they protect him (like in Wall Street, Guardian?)
  • 2nd encounter: Boss has all kind of fire based weapon (→ hazard protection); control room mechanic (maybe someone has to be there to coordinate, communicate with the others); cannon (explosive dmg has bonus?)
  • 3rd encounter: 1st phase: machine; 2nd phase: man with all kinds of skills (→ emp?)
  • 4th encounter: Some kind of train (its name is Iron Horse!!), all of the cars (amount: 4 → 4-phase?) have a specific weapon on top of it. Cars: Earthshaker, Shook, Autocannon, Shotgun
Location from TU10 PTS