Colonel Morozova / IronHorse

The final boss(es). This encounter has 1 wipe mechanic and 1 instakill mechanic.

  • Earthshaker, the middle of the 5 carriages, has a large cannon on it. Each phase a Red Missile is pushed up from the carriage and makes its way to the cannon, the missile needs 6 RPG’s to stop it from firing in that phase. Whilst the missile is being loaded, Iron Horse has Shock Harpoons fired into the ground – running into that electricity at the bridge is an instakill.
  • Airstrike: an instakill mechanic that Morozova calls in when she takes too much damage in that phase. Can only be survived if you prevent Earthshaker firing, clearing the Shock Harpoons from under the bridge.

Morozova also has a shoulder-mounted Missile Launcher called the “Reckoning”. This will lock on to random agents throughout the encounter as soon as she is active. As each phase goes on, her ‘Fury’ will increase and the Reckoning will become stronger and fire faster. The only way to prevent her firing is to stagger her with explosives – Grenade Launcher, Merciless, Ravenous etc.

The encounter begins as soon as you run in. 

  • Phase 1: Destroy missile, override auto cannon with a key 4 times to open up 4 mortars, temporarily disable them, spawn & hide from Morozova (bridge)
  • Phase 2: Destroy missile, damage 3 bars on Morozova, bridge
  • Phase 3: Destroy missile, damage 3 bars on Morozova, bridge. This brings up an Ironhorse health bar.
  • Phase 4: Destroy missile, use 3 keys to override auto cannon which will permanently destroy mortar 1 & 2 (key 1), mortar 3 & 4 (key 2), and take ironhorse to 1% health. Damage Morozova until there is no armor bar left, go to bridge for last time.
  • Phase 5: Kill Morozova then finish Ironhorse off with 1 RPG to the Red missile which loads very quickly.


RPG’s spawn on each side of the map. One will spawn on the side as you enter via the warehouse (referred to as the right side) in the picture above. The RPG NPC will spawn high then drop down.

The other RPG spawns on the other side of the map from the warehouse as you enter (referred to as left side), and comes out of the door to the right of the True Sons flag.

New Heavy & Override Key

The new True Sons heavy has the ability to run, go into cover an roll, all whilst in posession of a foam gun to lock you down. He spawns from one of the doors on the train and after killing him, will drop you an override key for the Auto Cannon.

The Agent who picks up the override key must stand close to the Auto Cannon in a circle until it reaches 100%, and override the Auto Cannon as the pre-fire warning is sounded.


In the picture above you can see there are 5 green lines where you should not cross when taking cover from Morozova.