SIN Strategy


  • 7 DPS
  • 1 Support (healer/BTSU/oxidizer)

DPS set turrets at ad-spawn locations – for shield guys and behind.

Healer uses hive & oxidizer – overcharge at beginning of encounter and focus shield guys with oxidizer. DPS focus 3 shield guys then Gray.


  • 6 DPS
  • 1 armor regen tank (sandforge)
  • 1 hazard healer (control room)

Armor regen goes into the sandforge to take aggro until the crucible is at 100%. His job is to communicate codes whilst preventing the glass breaking as long as possible, and fire off RPGs when required. Must be mindful of temperature.

Control room has 1 DPS guard each side to prevent electric switch off – once crucible is at 100% and window breaks, guards double up on Alpha/Bravo. Alpha and Bravo have 1 DPS each, whilst Charlie has 2 DPS.

RPGs are left in Alpha/Charlie air locks and Tank picks them up to fire at cannon. Water is deployed by allocated areas to get to 90 ish. Tank drops a decoy and activates water pressure. Everyone moves to Bravo (in between Alpha/Charlie) in order to DPS boss after cannon is broke.


  • 1 Healer
  • 1 CC (eclipse/opportunistic)
  • 6 DPS (1 hazard DPS)

Hazard DPS runs diagnostics, CC & 1 DPS can search pressure whilst all other DPS focus ads and snipers. 

When stabilizing A to P, fire team makes their way to 3rd and 2nd floor. 


  • 2 Tanks 
    • Key Tank: Vanguard & Protector
    • Stagger Tank: Tardigrade & Ravenous
  • 1 Healer (FI BTSU)
  • 5 DPS 

DPS Agent positions:

  • 1 spawn camp left
  • 1 spawn camp right
    • 1 in cauldron right hand side
  • 1 RPG left
  • 1 RPG right

RPG agents have 1 RPG ad that spawns. Once killed Agent fires RPG and keeps spares when required at end of phase.

  • Phase 1: 6x RPGs on Earthshaker, then destroy mortar 1, 2 & 3. Keep RPGs
  • Phase 2-4: 6x RPGs on Earthshaker, keep 2x RPGs

Spawn campers have 2 or 3 ads spawning max. Agents must ensure when leaving bridge to run directly towards the door as ads spawn straight away.

When no ads around, all DPS should all take care of remaining snipers/ads. 

Stagger Tank looks after Morozova in phase 2, 3 & 4 constantly staggering Morozova when required.

Key Tank is our key-grabber. During phase 1 & 4, they pick the keys up when available and interact with the Vindicator. During phase 2 & 3, they can help DPS where required.

Damaging Morozova

When RPGs are saved and we are ready to DPS Morozova, people must go to the sandbags but not under the bridge (over the crack in the ground). Going under the bridge before the Raid Klaxon can result in a Mortar targeting the team under the bridge. As there will be a lot of ad control, Morozova will naturally follow and all 8 can DPS to start next phase.