Headhunter 1.1


Build Information

  • Author: JFK4611
  • Title update: 10
  • Specialisation: Sharpshooter
  • PvE

Sniper build with ability to one shot bosses (or any other enemy other than a Chunga) in the head once ‘perfect headhunter’ is activated.

Try using a hunting rifle M44, Nemesis (if you need that extra punch) or maybe M700 Custom/Tactical.

About the build

2 piece Aces (Mask & Holster) this will grant you 15% MMR damage.

I piece Walker, Harris & Co ‘Chainkiller’ (chest piece).

2 piece Araldi (Backpack & gloves), I’m using Composure on Backpack which grants a straight 15% weapon dmg while in cover.

Final piece is the exotic Sawyer’s Kneepads with that excellent talent while in cover.

How to use the build

This build is all about headshots & taking the enemy down from a distance.

Overwatch with a killer punch once you get the ‘perfect headhunter’ or ‘headhunter’ buff to pop.

Take a red or purple out first & set the chain killing off. If you miss don’t panic buff lasts 30 seconds, if you land a body shot look for a red/purple to kick the buff all over again & take the boss out when you get that chance.

If you team mates keep the enemy busy in front of you, you’ll find you will have the time to land that killer shot.

I use a drone & turret for close protection but beware the turret does have a habit of picking on any enemy around you.