Sikone88: Assault Turret / Striker Drone build aka chill out build


Build Information

  • Author: Sikone88
  • Title update: 9.1
  • Specialisation: Technician
  • PvE – farming / invaded / endgame (heroic/legendary)

About the build

  • – 3x Hard Wired (not chest and backpack
  • 1x Hana-U, 1x Wyvern Wear . One of these must be a chest with Glass Cannon (25% amplified damage done, damage taken amplified by 50%)
  • Force Multiplier (Perfect Combined Arms – shooting an enemy increases total skill damage by 30% for 3s) as backpack for higher damage. If you want it more „chill out“-style use 1x Hana-U / 1x Wyvern Wear backpack with Tech Support (Kills grant 25% skill damage for 20s). Just make sure that you have 2x Hana-U and 1x Wyvern Wear.
  • Sweet Dreams (Sandman – Melee attacks instantly kill non-elite)
  • Surge (Perfect Spike – Headshots grant 25% skill damage for 8s)

Base of the build is a level 6 skill tier (all yellow). Make sure to have +skill damage on every piece of Hard Wired and to have +skill damage and +skill haste on the Hana-U and Wyvern Wear pieces.

This build was created for farming cp’s and other stuff and to „chill out“ while doing it. It even performs very well in running legendary missions, because you can stay in cover most of the time, spam some blind shots to proc Perfect Combined Arms (if you use it) and use the full potential of your Glass Cannon talent. For the best damage results you can place a Headshot every few seconds to keep the Perfect Spike buff up.

If you prefer the real „chill out“-style, or maybe if you are dying to fast in a legendary mission, just switch the backpack to one with Tech Support on it. Now you can stay in cover all of the time and kills with your gadgets will increase your damage for 20s.

How to use the build

Find a decent spot to place your assault turret. Just place it, summon your strike drone and select a target for the drone. To maximize your damage you have to select a new target for your drone after the last one died. Otherwise the drone flies back to you first and automatically targets the next enemy. Usually the turret does its work on its own. You only have to target an enemy manually with the turret, if you want to focus it down (especially medics and supporters).

To maximize your damage land a shot every 3s and place a headshot every 8s to keep your procs from Perfect Combined Arms and Perfect Spike up.

When you are playing legendary missions with this build its very important to focus the changus, the dogs, the supporters and the medics first, because your part is single target damage.