Ermi46: Tank Build

Author: Ermi46

  • 4 pc True Patriots (mask, backpack, holster, kneepad) with max armor (attributes: hazard protection/explosive resistance if possible; for me: 54,7%)
  • Motherly Love gloves (+10% multiplicative shield health)
  • Pointman (named) chest (Perfect Vanguard)
  • Protection from elites mods (36% = 3 * 12%)
  • Sweet Dreams for melee reds/purples
  • Primary wpn: any ar/smg for flagging enemies
  • Firewall spec for shield (+mods)


  • Watch teammates armor and vanguard cooldown, use that talent for armor boost as often as possible (in specific cases unequip, then equip the shield)
  • If possible melee with sweet dreams (red, purple)
  • On higher difficulties you won’t make much dmg, but shoot as many enemies as you can, so every npc get the debuffs